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Are you looking for up and over garage doors, in Darwen, Accrington, Preston...?

Allandor Ltd are experts in supplying and fitting of up and over garage doors in
Darwen, Accrington, Preston and across East Lancashire.

High-quality garage doors

If you're looking for top-quality up and over garage doors, you are in the right place. We are a family run business with over 30 years of experience and we pride ourselves on only sourcing the best quality garage doors. Our team of experts will assure quality work and peace of mind throughout the process, from purchase to installation and beyond.
Up and Over garage doors at Allandor of Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire come in two methods of operation, retractable and canopy.

A retractable garage door has wheels at the top of the door, which run in horizontal tracks which are fitted to the door frame at the top front and the rear supported by hangers from the ceiling or wall. There is an arm attached to the vertical frame posts and the bottom of the garage door and a spring assembly assists the door to open. When fully open, most of the door is inside the garage. They provide an exceptionally smooth opening and closing action, which is also ideal for electric operation.

A canopy garage door mounts entirely to the doorframe therefore ideal if there is limited space inside the garage, or no ceiling. When open, usually, two thirds of the door is in the garage, with one third of the garage door protruding outside the garage.

Up and over garage doors are generally available in all materials: steel, timber, GRP (glass fibre reinforced polyester), ABS and UPVC and come in many colours.

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top-quality garage doors

Friendly service

At Allandor Ltd we pride our self on our friendly service. All our garage door fitters are professional and approachable and will work closely with you to ensure our services meet your expectations.
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All doors guaranteed

The majority of our garage doors come with a 10 year guarantee. We are confident that our garage doors will stand the test of time, but if there is a problem we will happily repair or replace your door. 
For top-quality up and over garage door installation, simply contact the renowned Allandor Ltd today. We serve across Burnley and across East Lancashire.
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